strategy with brains. execution with heart.
We Connect the Dots.

Listen to your client and help them close the space between problem and solution. The strategy, method and tools may vary but our goal remains the same.

At Brian, our distinctive blend of experience, creativity and influence is brought to bear on our clients’ business. Sometimes, it’s built around a big idea. Other times, it’s a straight-forward solution. The execution, though, is flawless every time.

Wisdom is in Short Supply.

Our agency leaders know what it’s like to sit on all sides of the table. They’ve been the agency, the client and the media. And they’re business leaders, not agency people. That’s different. It uniquely informs the strategic and holistic approach we take in helping our clients.

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The Team

We also know that if you want great work, you need great talent — smart people who care deeply about clients and are passionate about their work. 

Here are some of our team members:

Andrew Jessick

Andrew Jessick

Marketing and Sales Strategist

An avid skier, cyclist and Eagles scout, who can start a fire with a bow drill and owns a cat (nearly) small enough to be classified as a “mini”.

Lindsay Ritschel Portrait

Lindsay Ritschel

Director of Project Management

Has been to 37 of the contiguous United States and has gone skydiving.

Andew Jessick Portrait

Sandeep Subbenaik

QA Analyst

Born and raised in India, he moved to the UK for higher education and obtained two masters. He traveled 11 countries across Europe and Asia before settling down in Pennsylvania with his American wife. He’s an avid cricket fan and player.

Jim Laurich Portrait

Jim Laurich


Studied abroad in Rotterdam, Netherlands and has travelled to many other European cities.

Katie Kavanaugh Portrait

Katie Kavanaugh

Associate Project Manager

While in college, I was on the executive committee for the largest student-run philanthropy in the world (THON) and got to appear in a commercial with Jim Gardner while promoting it.

megan Portrait

Megan Dutill Staub

Account Executive, Public Relations

A competitive ballroom dancer who loves writing fiction.

Emily Loughlin

Emily Loughlin

Junior Account Executive

After graduation, spent a year travelling the world by working and living on cruise ships.

Emily Charles

Emily Charles

Account Executive

When she was born, Emily was featured on the front page of the newspaper because she was born on the 4th of July along with her brother but he is exactly six years older than her!

Matt Goldstein Portrait

Matt Goldstein

Associate Vice President

Once sat next to DJ Jazzy Jeff at a 76’ers game and would rather be on the beach 99% of the time.

Carly Buggy Portrait

Carly Buggy

Senior Account Executive

Lived on Île Saint-Louis in Paris for four months on the same street as Johnny Depp. The Bachelor is her guilty pleasure and she has seen every season.

Chris Van Roden Portrait

Chris Van Roden

Account Executive

Once saw a bear fight a moose in Ontario.

Brian Tierney Jr. Portrait

Brian Tierney Jr.

VP Marketing and Sales

Was once in a hot air balloon accident.

Anthony Mallamaci Portrait

Anthony Mallamaci

Senior Account Executive


Kelley Simon Portrait

Kelley Simon

Account Executive

A Harry Potter expert. She has been to both the Harry Potter studios in London and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

Scott Kornblatt

Scott Kornblatt

Lead Developer

A self-proclaimed TV & movie junkie with a head full of useless information from the 80s through today, with a love of music recording and production from his home office.

Rebecca Wuhl Portrait

Rebecca Wuhl

Talent Acquisition Manager

Can often be found at Lincoln Financial Field in Steelers colors, eating Heinz ketchup and yelling at Eagles fans.

Bill Tierney Portrait

Bill Tierney

Associate Vice President

Still enjoys eating Lunchables on a regular basis. Dreams of visiting every MLB stadium and already has a good head start.

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder

Marketing and Business Strategist

A new father to son Henry, a passion for brewing beer and gardening with his wife and has two big dogs named Watson and Lily.

McKenna Young Portrait

McKenna Young

Account Supervisor, Public Relations

Her “real” first name is Lauren, but has always gone by her middle name, McKenna. She will jump at the chance to plan any party, big or small.

Nathan Steffy Portrait

Nathan Steffy

Web Developer

Loves to cook and can make an awesome crème brûlée

Megan McMonagle Portrait

Megan McMonagle

Senior Account Executive

Recently drove across the country from Philly to Portland: 12 states in 6 days.

Rachael Harleman Portrait

Rachael Harleman

Account Supervisor

Has traveled to the Amazon Rainforest in Guyana, South America.

John Strain Portrait

John Strain

Account Director

Ask him about the drive from Frankfurt, Germany to Paris during a blizzard. Let’s just say it took nine hours.

Lanier Aberant Portrait

Lanier Aberant

Office Coordinator

Don’t ask her to sing and dance, because she will. She has been in over 20 Community Theater musical productions.

Rachel Mignogna Portrait

Rachel Mignogna

Project Manager, Digital

Studied abroad in Rome and visited seven countries.

Luke Woods Portrait

Luke Woods

Project Manager

A part-time wedding DJ with a strong celebrity-selfie game.

Kourtnaye Lewis Portrait

Kourtnaye Lewis

Senior Account Executive, Public Relations

Has lived in thirteen different houses in three states. Was a competitive horseback rider growing up, and still rides for fun outside of work.

Stephanie Fanelli Portrait

Stephanie Fanelli

Account Executive, Public Relations

In a “band”. Was the mascot in high school.


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