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8 Tips for Driving Business Growth Online

From the Desk of Brian Tierney

I’ve been having some fun going on the Wayback Machine and came across a widely-distributed press release about a survey we did at my old company in 1997 in partnership with the American Management Association on how businesses should use these new things called “the internet” and “electronic mail.” While some of the tools – like dial-up – don’t hold up, it’s incredible to see that many of the guiding principles for business still do.

As we help many of our clients in their approach to Web3, many of these principles have evolved, but still stand:

  • Web is now central, but still only part of an integrated marketing mix
  • Brand matters – build your brand everywhere and ensure that the web amplifies your brand messaging
  • Privacy and security must be front-and-center for all web activity. And it’s imperative that you are transparent with customers on these issues
  • SEO has become an anchor of digital marketing strategies

You can check out the press release on the Wayback Machine site here.