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Chief Executive Officer
Brian Tierney

When Brian sets his mind to something, he follows through. He’s driven and determined. Steadfast.

It’s that same passion, energy and work ethic that drove him to get his law degree at night after working long days for the Reagan Administration while starting his first agency—all before turning 30. He would then go on to create—and grow—two additional award-winning agencies over 25 years that represented clients from Deloitte Consulting and Verizon to the Pennsylvania Lottery and IBM.

More recently, it drove Brian to assemble a diverse group of investors to buy two storied newspapers – the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News—as well as their website, philly.com. As publisher, his creative approach increased circulation, sparked the fastest growing news site ranked by Nielsen, and catapulted its sales team to #2 in national advertising.

And did we fail to mention win the Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Journalism?

Bono, humanitarian and entertainer: "It's stasis that kills you off in the end, not ambition."

Arthur Ochs Sulzburger, Jr., chairman of The New York Times Company and former publisher of The New York Times: "I think leadership is providing the forum for making the right decision, which doesn't demand unanimity."

Shaquille O’Neal basketball star: "I never worry about the problem. I worry about the solution."

Harry Belafonte, singer and activist: "Each and every one of you has the power, the will and the capacity to make a difference in the world in which you live in." (Pictured alongside actor Gregory Peck)

Lester Holt, anchor, NBC Nightly News: "You never know what doors are going to open up and why they are going to open up. You've got to be ready to walk through them."

Prem Watsa, businessman and founder, chairman and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings: "Predicting rain doesn't count, but building an ark does."

President Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia, Nobel Peace Prize 2016: "Believe me, it is much harder to make peace than war."

H.F. Gerry Lenfest, Philanthropist and founder of the Lenfest Institute: “The crew felt like the ship belonged to them. I think that’s a lesson in leadership… the crew felt so motivated that they could go from the worst to the best, so they became the best.”

Stevie Wonder, singer-songwriter: "We all have ability. The difference is how we use it."(Pictured alongside Quincy Jones)

His Holiness, Pope Francis: "We all have the duty to do good."

Brian is at his best when he’s in the thick of it—he’s always looking to attract unmatched talent, connect with innovative thinkers and identify the next big opportunity for clients.

So when he founded Brian Communications in 2010, it’s no surprise that the New York Times profiled the move in its business section. His firms have represented scores of major companies including AmeriHealth Caritas, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Comcast, Deloitte, Independence Blue Cross, PokerStars, Uber and the University of Chicago.

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Brian didn’t do this alone—“Anything is possible with hard work and great people.” It’s a message he’s taken to heart throughout all his business endeavors, and it’s the ethos that guides Brian Communications today.

Our secret? Smart people who work hard. Who have empathy for clients and each other. Who have fun.— Jerks need not apply.

As you walk back to his office, you’ll pass a unique collection of strategic thinkers and go-getters. Brian will proudly tell you about a team that has worked at respected global brands, international agencies and high-profile political leaders.
He’s proud because they’re his team. And they could be yours.

Hard work. Good people.
That’s Brian Tierney.
That’s Brian Communications.


Brian believes that leading by example isn’t just a way to success, it’s the way to success.

And he does that by lending his sought-after expertise to a variety of publicly-traded boards and nationally-renowned nonprofits. Brian also chairs the Foundation of The Poynter Institute, which provides training to over 100,000 journalists a year from more than 90 countries and owns the industry-revered PolitiFact.

He served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Brian graduated from Penn and loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their potential.

And while he’s more focused on generating coverage for clients, Brian has been quoted in the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes and USA Today. He’s presented at the Milken Institute Global Conference and has spoken at international forums held from Australia to Turkey. He also has appeared on television hundreds of times, including on BBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, ABC, and FOX.

That’s Brian’s story.
And some of the smartest minds in business have asked him to help tell theirs.

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