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Creative Reimagined

Sharing COVID Vaccinations on Social

Shoot Your Shot

Today, we’re kicking off a new series from our Creative Team called #CreativeReimagined, taking something we see in the news or trending online and adding our #TeamBrian spin.

With the COVID-19 vaccine now widely available, one of the challenges is proving to be getting young adults vaccinated, so it felt like an opportunity to explore new ways to give the “I got the COVID-19 vaccine!” stickers a makeover to resonate with this group, and think through where it could be used.

Our Creative Director, Sean Flanagan, describes the thinking that led to our “Shoot Your Shot” concept, “The phrase, ‘shoot your shot’ has become popular slang, oftentimes referring to someone taking advantage of an opportunity. This same language can be used when talking about getting the vaccine, so this mark was designed to communicate to a younger audience. Whimsical hand-drawn type was used to reflect the fluidity of the vaccine and the letterforms were designed to flow around each other. The ‘O’ in ‘shot’ was illustrated with spikes in order to further emphasize that this was designed for the fight against COVID-19. This design can be used in physical and digital stickers to show pride and encourage others to get vaccinated.”