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Ed Mahlman
Executive Vice President

Ed Mahlman loves a good story.

Ed leads our integrated team, which brings client stories to life through brand positioning, advertising, video production and more. He has created strategic advantages and unforgettable positioning for leading brands including Sunoco, Deloitte, Aramark and Verizon.

Ed’s creative energy, marketing discipline and meticulous attention to detail have propelled him to leadership positions in a variety of organizations. Notably, he served as Chief Marketing Officer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com, where he and his team created the nationally-recognized Media Lab™, Research Lab™ and America’s first contemporary three-dimensional newspaper advertising campaign. Immediately prior, he was Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Lottery. Turning around what had been 10 years of flat sales, Ed led the growth in sales from two to three billion dollars—an  increase of 50 percent—in just four years.

Ed’s own story is quintessentially Philadelphian—a St. Joe’s graduate and native son of the city, he now calls Mt. Airy his home.

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