Lisa Corry
Senior Vice President

Lisa Corry doesn’t just walk the walk—she talks the talk.

As our resident expert on the path-to-purchase experience, Lisa is our go-to for consumer outreach. She knows how to capture consumers’ attention and speak directly to key audiences at critical points in the buying process. She’s a bona fide “consumer whisperer.”

With over 20 years’ integrated marketing experience on both the client and agency side, Lisa has been the force behind growing iconic global brands like M&M’s, Chase, Campbell’s Soup, and Johnson & Johnson. Her unique perspective is informed by the variety of storytelling media now available to marketers, and she knows exactly how to cut through a crowded market and tell stories in engaging, traditional and nontraditional ways. Whether that’s through paid media, sponsorship, partnership, social campaign or pop-up event, she is always looking for creative ways to move the needle for our clients.

When she’s not keeping track of the latest marketing trends, she’s at home in South Jersey trying to keep track of her active family.

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