The Hidden Dangers of Wearing Sandals

CAO physician Dr. Damian Roussel joined Good Day DC to discuss the possible effects

Nothing says summer vacation like the beach, the outdoors and… bunions? That was what the Brian team was tasked with when The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics, the largest private orthopaedic group in the country, wanted to spread the word about a doctor who pioneered a revolutionary new corrective bunion surgery that would reduce recovery time and even prevent reoccurrence.

While bunion surgery might not be the most glamorous story, summer footwear is always trending. We secured a feature on Good Day DC with tips about wearing sandals and preventing foot issues and over 70,000 viewers tuned in. Check out Dr. Damian Roussel as he shares his summer footwear tips and talks about the new bunion surgery, and read more about the technique in an interview with Local DVM and The Herald Mail.