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The public relations team at Brian Communications was charged with helping the News Media Alliance change the general perception of the state of print and digital newspaper media. It has been imperative that we convey to the advertising community that newspapers remain a worthwhile investment, and that the real story of growth and innovation is told to members, policy makers and readers. Empowering a challenged industry to support and disseminate a new, positive storyline is no small feat to be sure, and one that has required a strong content marketing and media relations effort. Engaging with the News Media Alliance’s marketing team, we have developed a strategy to reach and engage members in compelling ways – exposing this fresh, confident new narrative to newspapers.

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  • Placed thought leadership pieces in more than 260 news outlets across the country in just one year, generating 392.6 million impressions
  • Secured media placements in Mashable, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, Wired, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Information Week, The Hill, The Financial Times and many more
  • Earned 922.6 million media impressions on the association in one year, boosting awareness of the real – positive – state of the industry
  • Positive press contributed to strong negotiations with advertisers, technology companies, and policy-makers
  • Visits to the association’s website increased 42%