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Creative Reimagined


Capturing the Spirit of a City

The second post in our #CreativeReimagined series focuses on envisioning what Philadelphia could look like as an Olympic host city. With the opening ceremonies for the XXXII Olympiad starting tonight, and coming off the recent news of Brisbane being awarded the 2032 Olympics, the timing couldn’t be better.

Senior Designer Alicia Cadrette puts it simply: “The Olympic Games are arguably the biggest design challenge in the world.” Designers work hard to create a visual identity for thousands of individual design projects including logos, graphics and pictograms that capture the representation of each sport. In doing so, they try to capture the essence of the host city and values of the Games.

“When we imagined Philadelphia as the 2036 host, we knew that we wanted to represent the unique artistic spirit of the city. Much like artists perfecting their craft, Olympic athletes work tirelessly to train and go for the gold. Watching them compete can be spellbinding and awe-inspiring – just like a stroll through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. The organic shapes and iridescence of the gardens’ mosaic pieces combine to serve as the inspiration for our Philadelphia 2036 concept to unify art and athletics.”




The #CreativeReimagined series takes something we see in the news or trending online and adds our #TeamBrian spin. Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about our creative capabilities.