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Creative Reimagined


Reimagining Septa Metro

The third post in our #CreativeReimagined series focuses on the recently announced rebranding of Philadelphia’s public transportation system. The potential rebrand affects six routes on SEPTA’s rail network: the Market-Frankford Line, the Broad Street Line, city trolleys, the Norristown High Speed Line and the Media-Sharon Hill Line. In addition to the new name “Metro,” the routes will be identified by a color and a letter.

After reviewing the thought and research behind SEPTA’s Metro initiative, our Creative Team recognized that the biggest hurdle SEPTA may face during this rebrand is communicating the changes to the public. Our team created a campaign concept aimed at building awareness and increasing interest in using SEPTA Metro.

“With a feature of the initiative being the lines and their letters, we decided to highlight attractions that can be found along each transit line,” said senior designer Alicia Cadrette. By adding additional visual elements, the signs become more accessible and identifiable.

“The additional layer is utilizing imagery that corresponds to the transit lines’ letters. In this first example, we’re showcasing the G Lines with a Giraffe—a sort of take on “G is for ___.” We feel like this simple association and combination of visuals helps drive home the campaign objectives of awareness and interest.”


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