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Client: The Centers For Advanced Orthopaedics
Launching one of the largest orthopaedic groups in the country

empowering private practice medicine with one unifying brand

Facing soaring operating costs and plummeting reimbursement rates, 25 private practice orthopaedic groups representing 128 physicians across more than 50 locations banded together to pioneer a new innovative model for private practice care (PPC). Together, they would immediately become one of the largest orthopaedic groups in the country. Tasked with naming, brand identity and visibility, we focused on the mission and ethos of what made these physicians some of the best in their field.

CAO Case Study Logo

Building Preference, Loyalty… and Referrals. Leveraging the powerful Primary Care Physician partnership, brochures were created and delivered to referring PCPs to drive new patient referrals when an orthopaedic specialist is needed.

Providing Complete Orthopaedic Care. A patient-focused handbook detailing everything you need to know about your procedure – from what to expect before surgery to post-op instructions and recommended physical therapy exercises to guide a healthy recovery.

Establishing Brand Cohesion. To unify the CAO brand across 30 independent care centers in nearly 60 locations, a comprehensive Graphic Standards was developed to include the most important aspects of the brand – all in one convenient place – and empower growth.

Creating a Digital Destination. We led all aspects of website design, development, copywriting and more to assure powerful and consistent branding throughout. To further strengthen the group’s digital presence, we launched the CAO Hub, a robust content platform for thought leadership articles, patient education, media placements and social media highlights.

creating a household name across metro DC and baltimore

Armed with a stunning new brand, it was time to get to work raising the visibility of the practice and their physicians through an ongoing aggressive media relations campaign. The goal: whenever a journalist needs an orthopaedic expert, CAO is the go-to source. Since CAO publicly launched in 2014, we’ve annually secured an average of more than 182 million media impressions across local, national and trade publications. During this time, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics has grown rapidly to an impressive 160 physicians at more than 60 locations throughout Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, redefining the delivery of orthopaedic care with patients always at the center.


182+ million

average annual media impressions


total media placements to date